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memory on next radio show

Sarah was right,

my radio show on NOVI RADIO BEOGRAD called Stigma, with the topic of memory/individual&collective/, will be on next sunday. Yesterday we moved the station into a new and nicer place, in my street actually:) or almost. Everybody was tired, and only music was played. But we go on, and memories will be more numerous until nex sunday. I am still welcoming your comments, answers to the previously posted questions on memory.

I am gratefull, Owen, and Sarah!


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saturday, one day before my next radio show.

topic: memory.

I took this photo and saved it to my memory. strange, the 2 girls do not remember it...

I took this photo and saved it to my memory. strange, the 2 girls do not remember it...

very broad, i know. but i will surely lead it in my own unexpected way to Sarah’s and mine favorite: collective memory.

Will there be more or less people listenin to it, comparing to a week ago?

if you wish, answer within 28 or 29 hours, even 30, following questions, or some, or one of them:

1. is history part of our memory /distant and recent history/?

2. if yess, how does history become our memory?

3. can individual memory be emotionaly manipulated?

4. who or what creates collective memory?

5. what is the key to the successfull emotional manipulation over collective memory?

6. what is your memory you would like to share in my show?

7. name one event that caused mess in collective memory.

they kindly asked to be.

these 2 men, though, remember well they got photographeed: they kindly asked to be.

If you give me any answers, i will read them out and translate them in  my radio show.

i know it’s at the last moment, but come on, Sarah, Owen, Daniel, Kirk, all of us who care about memory!

I will dare reading one of my poems in english during the show. That one I never posted here. It is in a way about personal memory… and in english. It is called: rock hip hops!

Photoes by: Jelena Markovic

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As I informed in my last post, I got a weekly radio show to run!

Big thing for me! I use this blog to write about my society from different aspects i take part in, and i wonder what efect it has… It makes me happy to see that even a small number of people read my posts, but mainly people I would chose myself to communicate with.

For some time I was absent, partially for safety reasons, partialy for filming a feature fiction film… and I lost a lot of readers. I hope to winn them back.

I wish to say that even when I don´t write about political events, i write politically. I try to give you an immage of how things work over here. Sure political events, changes or not changes, are behind it all. Even behind working with orphans. I am not bitter that somebody is rich and can do whatever he or she desires, and be presented as a noble soul. I am angry that much more severe “standard procedures” are practiced on me and my work. I am angry that I live in an unjust society, where privedges are bought in money, and through political connections. I am angry that parties in power treat the state and all its institutions as their private property! And whatever i do as artist or activist, i do to ecourage the disprivedged and to oppose corruption. To oppose the fetish of war crimes and criminals that is in all ways glorified by the rich, powerful and authorities.

That is why i am happy to have gotten my radio show! Again, under my own name, I will publicly challenge all the misty business of the elite. It is going to affect them more than my blog, more then poor number of interviews i give on occasion of my non-stop work in art, culture and political engagement.

My show is called “Stigma”. My first topic will be “free time”. I see free time as time to be used activelly, for us who work in culture. Conversations I have I count as important media: I am not given access to manz more media, so i use conversation to pass on my opinion. Surely that stigmatizes me. But I o what I can. So, this time shortly. Please, think about it a little. Soon i will post a list of questions for my readers, and let me know if you would answer them for my show. Live, or in written. I wish to bring in the world into a local radio, eventhough the radio is on internet and can be heard everywhere, it is mainly listened to here, locally, due to program in Serbian.

I struggle to get my film into editing process. I want to show that I may be unwanted here, but that I am from here and that right cannot be taken away from me, no matter how difrently I think about recent and distant history to the majority. Shortly, they want to prove I do not belog here, and I claim i do as much as them. I am a Balkan person, Serbian citizen. The rest have to take it: I am not going anywhere, and am using all means accessible to prove my existence. Life is a battle, in all languages, in all media!

To the more just society in Serbia, to comprehension that history happened and has to be faced! I have mz radio show, wow! Sundays at 22h, NOVI RADIO BEOGRAD, program uzivo, Stigma!

Photos coming soon onto this post…

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