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memory on next radio show

Sarah was right,

my radio show on NOVI RADIO BEOGRAD called Stigma, with the topic of memory/individual&collective/, will be on next sunday. Yesterday we moved the station into a new and nicer place, in my street actually:) or almost. Everybody was tired, and only music was played. But we go on, and memories will be more numerous until nex sunday. I am still welcoming your comments, answers to the previously posted questions on memory.

I am gratefull, Owen, and Sarah!


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saturday, one day before my next radio show.

topic: memory.

I took this photo and saved it to my memory. strange, the 2 girls do not remember it...

I took this photo and saved it to my memory. strange, the 2 girls do not remember it...

very broad, i know. but i will surely lead it in my own unexpected way to Sarah’s and mine favorite: collective memory.

Will there be more or less people listenin to it, comparing to a week ago?

if you wish, answer within 28 or 29 hours, even 30, following questions, or some, or one of them:

1. is history part of our memory /distant and recent history/?

2. if yess, how does history become our memory?

3. can individual memory be emotionaly manipulated?

4. who or what creates collective memory?

5. what is the key to the successfull emotional manipulation over collective memory?

6. what is your memory you would like to share in my show?

7. name one event that caused mess in collective memory.

they kindly asked to be.

these 2 men, though, remember well they got photographeed: they kindly asked to be.

If you give me any answers, i will read them out and translate them inĀ  my radio show.

i know it’s at the last moment, but come on, Sarah, Owen, Daniel, Kirk, all of us who care about memory!

I will dare reading one of my poems in english during the show. That one I never posted here. It is in a way about personal memory… and in english. It is called: rock hip hops!

Photoes by: Jelena Markovic

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