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small piece of my recent work

Sorry for repeating one photo twice, no electricity, unknown computers, worms and viruses…

I hope to post another photo here of the same work while i was doing it.

next coming up: exhibited collages and photos.

one more detailone more detail

This one piece I took photos of while working. Sarah, did take some too. But now I have 30 of them hanging in the gallery, people asking to purchase art but do not do so, and about 30 photos exhibited in the same gallery, other room or part of it. Collages have different motives, like several series of visions… I think that once I have decent photos of my recent (one year) work on those pieces, I will post them. Because my readers are my best audience. I am only sorry I cannot show them in real sizes, actually directly, for they are three dimensional in a way… I do such stuff.

If this one, not pictured ready, you do not like, you might like one of the rest.

Thanks for support to all who support me, and you know who you are.

I know I am back. I cannot write too often for electricity reasons, I just spent almost 30 minutes at friend’s computer, and it is becoming rude.

I do feel fine, I have a film to finish, another to send to festivals… I eat art and feel ok. I am moving, things are moving, doen or up, movement matters, i wish to move faster, faster then my surrounding, but not alone, i want to drag it forwards with me. big ambition, small chances, nice challange.


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Forever Alone

Blow poison to my blood,
To the hart, to the brain
For there’s no such one
Who would live
On all that I can give
For there is no such one
Who would take my kicks
But knowing why he takes them
And knowing what to give back
Give back
Give back
Give back
Knowing what to give back

Photo: selfportrait, exhibited in Belgrade, June 27th 2008

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