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Belgrade goes on, as I see, the same old way: corruption treted as economic problem instead as social problem, so that we stay on the wrong path to fight it…

Democrats/moderates/the worst make coalitions with just anybody, and all parties are run by Miskovic, moneywise, meaning he brings decisions in political life. a taycoon.

There is some smal hope in small number of individuals operating to reveal the reality and bring the havenly nation back to ground. Although the nation is as high as Major Tom, like on strong acid or something, comeback to the land of shljivas is inevitable.

But acid is fine, as all other soft and hard drugs, since there is no bigger pleasure for the police to catch the dealers and deal them selves. One example of corruption, veryfied. The state doesn’t pay them enough, so they use their power to make some extra. That is such a burning problem, but nobody talks about it.

It has been cold during my absence from blog, now it is warmer. I will fix my things and write more seriously, continue my battle for valuing right ideas, ideologies, art, culture. I also work a lot, i announced i shot a feature, but i am still looking for a way to edit it. it is hard, but doable.

Here about 300 times at least i was called a muslim whore, a ustasha whole, albaninan whore… and i keep selfproducing at cost of not eating, so i get some media space. and there i say things nobody wants to hear. plus, for the exibition opening i was judged as unique. artisticly, as well as as a muslim/ustasha /albanian whore:) so the whore keeps being buisy, and manages to get through to some/many audience after all. ¬†and then the bitch says that art production left inonly hands of the state, if the state is serbia, means dead end. I call uopn production of culture and art, of behievior and communication, of progressive political stream, to all those concerned. and ther are some answers.

I wish to say that this coutry has no way to go, but one, or sit still. it is sitting still, but not for much longer. there are peole like me, who are able to escape generational traps and have small choice of alies, and that is what we are thought here: generation sticking together. NO! ¬†People who have common goals of all ages operating on all fronts, brings results. I think my film that i just shot “The State” and Novi radio Beograd (New radio Belgrade) whera I also have my show, are examples. So messages keep being written, said, passed on. Radio is in Serbian, butin case somebody would want to check it out, it is Internet radion and url is http://www.noviradiobeograd.com ?i know i gave this before, but just in case/.

This place caled Serbia is not serious at all, officialy. If you need serious opinions, avoid officials. Look deeper. Ansd i know you do. Thank you.

Photos still not ready.


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small piece of my recent work

Sorry for repeating one photo twice, no electricity, unknown computers, worms and viruses…

I hope to post another photo here of the same work while i was doing it.

next coming up: exhibited collages and photos.

one more detailone more detail

This one piece I took photos of while working. Sarah, did take some too. But now I have 30 of them hanging in the gallery, people asking to purchase art but do not do so, and about 30 photos exhibited in the same gallery, other room or part of it. Collages have different motives, like several series of visions… I think that once I have decent photos of my recent (one year) work on those pieces, I will post them. Because my readers are my best audience. I am only sorry I cannot show them in real sizes, actually directly, for they are three dimensional in a way… I do such stuff.

If this one, not pictured ready, you do not like, you might like one of the rest.

Thanks for support to all who support me, and you know who you are.

I know I am back. I cannot write too often for electricity reasons, I just spent almost 30 minutes at friend’s computer, and it is becoming rude.

I do feel fine, I have a film to finish, another to send to festivals… I eat art and feel ok. I am moving, things are moving, doen or up, movement matters, i wish to move faster, faster then my surrounding, but not alone, i want to drag it forwards with me. big ambition, small chances, nice challange.

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format... guess... midle size, let's say

format... guess... midle size, let's say

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Trying to put some photos of my work in progress, just one piece of it, got me frustrated, since i uploaded 4 photos 3 times and only one came out in the previous post…

i owe you a lot more, photos of work done and exhibited, but there is time, they prolonged my exibition for another week, till 12th of February.detaildetail

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one detailseams like over but in processoops, another whole like unready piece of my collage…a detail of it

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announcing my comeback

what can I say? i hve sinned, barely by being absent for so long, not to mention other things, thoughts, life strams:)

I wish to announce that i haver made my big exibition of collages and photos, with an opening containing film projection and poetry reading… but for very little audienceIeven though the galery is prestigious.

Only 2 of my radio coleegues came…

some press…

the exibition, in opinion of all, including the ones who ssaw it on days after the opening/and most of them sms-ed or emailed or even called me, is as most of them put it “high class art”. So i understood, Belgrade just doesn”t deserve it, but is lucky to have it.

i worked on it for a year. yess, i also shot a feature fiction film and postproduced a short one, but it was constant work. and i also worked with children without parent care, but it was a full year. i promisse to make photos of my exibited collages and photos, and post them. That way, it will travel to my readers, in mini mini formats, some day in real size…

I used my media presence to say that art would be so poor if we artists waited for funds to support us, especialy in Serbia where we have only state funds… imagine Serbia deciding ultimately upon art production and you get desaster. so i claimed: no excuses not to produce, self produce. It is upon us to create competition to the mediocre state produced art. it is upon us to create a market for art, so that it is not only payed for, but also pays it self and makes money for more art production… a lot of work for a small number of people. I have burned out many times over it, but i always come back. and i am coming back again.

my absence in blogging hasn’t take away my sharp eye for life arround me. So I shell write about that again. I am back. Not fully ready, that I never am. Bur back.

I appologize i will start with the next post, about my work, most recent. Then I will take it from there.

I thank all of you who have been supporting me all this time. I have no electricity anymore, but I have my film shot, exibition done, children fed selfconfidence and this blog. Some day, i will maybe get to live on my work:) I am a happy person!

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